Innovating the future

Phenomenal changes in the world demands out of the box extended innovative technologies to meet the needs and comforts of the society.

Aibot Ink continuous efforts and research towards these innovative solutions and products is a game changing in the field of Aviation, Robotics and Renewable Energy technologies.


Internet of Things

aibot ink internet of things

Aibot Ink’s in-house developed advanced middle ware and tools are highly efficient and easily integrated into the various devices domestic or industrial. These intelligent bots enables the tools to communicate efficiently and make decisions as per the needs of the user.

Our devices are secure and highly reliable and get the work done without any worries.

Robotic Process Automation

aibot ink robotic process automation

Aibot Ink advanced process automation involves intelligent software combined with machine automation tools that can seamlessly integrate into the existing systems and make them highly efficient and productive. It is the combination of both software system and the hardware be it the computers, machinery that makes the automation effective for a better outcome.

Our RPA integrating platforms are highly efficient and precise to the human actions whereby the automation of the processes are more accurate. Aibot Ink’s RPA processes are highly scalable, cost effective and faster ROI for any organisation.


aibot ink unmanned air transpport vehicle drone

Aibot Ink advanced innovation labs are constantly in search of efficient and more rapid transport systems that are capable of handling the ever growing needs of society.

Our innovative and highly efficient UATV's are designed making them light weight, more luggage carrying capacity and longer distances. Driven of advanced artificial intelligence our vehicles are equipped with latest in-house developed batteries that can be recharged mid-air without the need to halt for recharge or replacement of batteries.

Alternate Energy Resources

aibot ink solar power


Aibot Ink scientists are in constant research and development of efficient alternate energy resources and our new energy storage technology is a innovation in the future needs. The new technology energy storage cells are integrated with built in AI technology that would enable them to intelligently store and deliver the energy based on the environment and the application.

It is a revolutionary innovation which is proven and awaiting commercialisation.